Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What transpired during Santino Rylle’s (my second nephew) First Birthday Celebration? Well, please allow me to tell the story and show you some of the gazillion photos!

Before the day of the party, Santino had his first hair cut done by yours truly. It has been a belief that we follow to have a smart person cut baby’s hair first. (ahem to that=) Then every strand will be bookmarked into books of all knowledge.

I was also the one tasked to buy Santino his party clothes. Thank God for Gingersnaps, their cool designs and cloth quality helped me decide to buy from them fast. Thank goodness also to this cute orange pair of Converse sneakers; Santino will surely look young and edgy. He He.

Before the party started, Santino had to rest and be kissed and hugged by his cousins.

Then, just like any kid’s party, it was loud, cheery, colorful, fun and yes, crazy!

Santino was afraid of the clown, but his visitors surely enjoyed the Clown’s jokes and magic. It was just quite noticeable that kids are already aware of the tricks behind the magic. Yours truly was also tasked to show his talent- balloon sculpture!

Then it’s time to seal the deal! It was really a blessing to have Santino and our family. Together with his brother Sean, all we can see in them are hope and bright future. Yihee, cheesy.



Belated Happy Birthday to Santino.

ANd napaka creative mo pala... at isa ka na ring party organizer!

Im afraid of balloons, pero cute yung balloons sculpture thingy na nakikita ko lagi sa TV.