Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The Text

From Abby ( a high school friend)

“if you’re out right now, look for the moon. They say God is smiling.”

The Reaction:

Denis went out of the house to see the moon. Not found.

Denis went inside to the kitchen windows. Moon not found.

He went into his room to grab the camera.

Denis went inside his mother’s room immediately to the window. FOUND!

Chills are all over him. A little shallow but he thought its surreal.

He sent group messages to these list to spread the word:

Family, Office, Blog friends, College, High school.

He immediately captured the divine sight.

Two stars served as eyes. And the moon’s arc served as smiling lips.

SMS replies:

Yes saw it already kuya.

Yeah man, saw it in the news.

They say it would last for a week.

It’s the alignment of Jupiter and Venus.

Denis thought this is quite a fascinating scene; God sending his smile on the first night of the Christmas month. At the same time, he’s aware that this is a scientific happening and he can’t wait to see more.


Carnation said...

i saw it on tv here in thailand. i ran to see it outside but could not. dunno if tonight it will come again. the night before that i saw only the 2 stars but no moon yet.

alex said...

this is magical!!!!!

kagabi to???? sana nag text ka

will it happen again tonight?

they say it could take another 5-25 years before this could happen again


i've actually seen it last night..
outside my window..
simply amazing..

jmarv said...

It's out tonight again, but now it is an inverted sad face. Get it? haha.

The moon's shape is still like that, however the two planets are below it, which makes it an inverted sad face. Go figure, go outside. hehe.



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