Thursday, December 18, 2008


After long duration to prepare, send in info, and execute the rule of democracy, the Christmas gathering of me with all my college blockmates finally went through! It was the 13th of this Christmas month when we all gathered up at Eastwood City, Libis. I actually presented three choices for our venue- Pasto, Dencio’s and Sumthin’ Fishy. I think we all had a great time last year at Sumthin’ Fishy which made it as the choice of this year’s venue again! Well, serves us right because the place is casual, laid back and ehem, budget friendly!

So just like last year, its me and April who came in first. The flying organisms had a feast on our legs then our friends start coming in. April took the chance to give out Free samples of Pond’s products which we tagged as “pangkabuhayan” showcase for early birds. So the latest one came in, the fewer Pond’s product that person recieved.

The Ladies

Our group was primarily composed of ladies who are all photo hungry. I think they all go crazy when they see lights flashing in.

The Ladies who like me

Ayayay, I had a real hard time equating my time to give each and every girl a chance to have a photo with me. Ha Ha Ha What? You smell “bastardom”?

The Gossip Girls

What’s areunion without gossips about people who failed to attend? Opps, that’s too impolite I know, but the person who made it as the Most talked about B*tch that night deserve the gossips she received. I even thought of dropping names here, but no I'm not that bad. Besides, that will even make that person sound too special in my blog. We wouldn't want that right?

The Group Photos

Since this happens once a year only, we took our glorious amount of time to take all sorts of group pictures. This we do to have a comparison on how each and everyone looked like a year after. You know, who improved on fashion sense, hair and of course who gained and lost weight.

The memorabilia

I tried taking stolen shots but i guess my friends really have that alarm every time cameras are pointed at them. So my attempts were thrown futile. To keep memory of that night, i secured our bill ( like what I did last year.) How much did we spend? Hmmm, less that three thousand bucks. We were like 15 that night, so bite that economical night out!

Fun and crazy are too weak of adjectives to describe that night, I hope next year I’ll learn the best adjective for our very own brand of having fun.

Next, highschool friends’ gathering! Happy Holidays everyone!


April said...

What's up with being the protective protector? And me being the mega bitch...wahaha!!! Penis..Ooops..wrong spelling..hehe - April :-)