Saturday, December 27, 2008


Finally, I have this opportunity to blog again. For the past few days, my blogging was a little erratic because of work and urgent preparations for Christmas. I know Christmas is done and over and its quite a sure thing that all of us had a blast- still I would like to greet you all a very warm and happy Christmas!

It has been my mother’s aim to always hold a family gathering in our house every Christmas day. Well, this is only the second year that we held a sort of Christmas party in our house and we are all looking forward to keep it as a yearly holiday tradition. It’s nice having fine time with relatives who have been away not just because of proximity but also because of time. There may be a mix of sad and happy stories on the talks, but the idea of sharing moments and year-long anecdotes are simply priceless. Now, to make the gathering a little tummy-friendly, we prepared meals which are western-inspired. My eldest sister took the place of our head chef and cooked roasted chicken, spring rolls, tomato and mushroom pasta, garlic bread, some chicken soup, and macaroni salad. The night before, we had red wine and cheese just to stay up until midnight of the 24th.

Now, our house was filled with kids who can’t wait to open their gifts. Good thing that I am wonderfully armed with gifts for grown-ups, kids, “inaanaks”, family, friends and neighbours. I went a little away from my set budget but I ignored the wallet slimming because I always find join in giving. A warm gratitude and a genuine smile will always inject positivity in me. I especially enjoyed the moment when kids gone crazy as I hand them loot bags of candies and chocolates as my final gifts to everyone.

A find this long holiday break so nice because I can rest and catch up on my tons of readings and yeah, blog away. Also this can give me moments to reflect on how 2008 went about and how can I make 2009 a better year for me. Opps, New Year is a different thing, so better cap this off with a hope for merrier Christmas next year. I hope you guys had a really happy celebration, and of course took time to visit the church along with all the eating and drinking.




Dale Bacar said...

waaaaaa d ako ininviteeee