Monday, December 22, 2008


pond's dream date winners
So the loud Pond's promo is done, and its time to tell what went about. Ill let these photos tell the story of Dingdong and Kristine's dinner Yacht date at Manila bay and Piolo and Karylle's lunch date at Tagaytay with a back and forth helicopter ride. Hmmm Karylle sure rings some bells right? Opps, no pun intended.


April said...

why the short blog about this very cool culmination? No mention man lang of the pretty media planner who happens to be your best friend who happens to be d' coolest :-) hahahah
- April

Dale Bacar said...

Hmmm, ako dapat kadate ni Piolo e. nalate ako kaya yang girl kapalit lol.

acey said...

hi, denis! for the 1st time in my life, i am finding dindong and piolo gwapo. they look nice in the pics here. :D

pretty girls, too!

lucas said...

kristine is prettier i think :) ahehe!

happy christmas, penis! i mean denis. ahehehe!


hmmm.... who's Dingdong? I only know abscbn eh.

Merry Christmas Denis!

alex said...

merry xmas dens! and more blessings next year