Wednesday, July 29, 2009


They say, newly grads are so excited to land their first job. After few months pay, they will get excited to have their plastic money. And then, few more pay checks and they are excited to have their post-paid phones. In my case, these things came late.

After 7 years of using prepaid line, I finally have my very first post paid line. Contrary to common perception that a phone plan is status conferring, I got mine for the simple aim to save. You see, I can consume a thousand or more on a monthly basis for prepaid and auto load. With one of my sisters starting an auto load business, the persuasion to load up all the time has been so fluid. With a consumable type of plan, I’m sure to save up. I actually send SMS less often now.

Now, I’m pretty sure strange callers will be out of the way.

I’m just kind of thinking my post-paid number is recycled. I’ve been consistently receiving calls from different people- gym invites, some package deliveries and random text messages using native vernaculars. I don’t know, maybe strange callers are attached to my existence. I so hope not.


lucas said...

hindi ako familiar sa post-paid stuff like this... ang dami ko pang dapat matutunan... hehe!

text at pagtawag lang alam kong gamit ng phone eh.. :P

ceu attractions said...

POSTpaid is cool. you can never lose a load or phone credit