Friday, July 10, 2009


Here we go again with another blog redesign.

Forgive me for it doesn’t appear well-polished yet, I had a hard time looking for new template and I can’t keep the downtime that long for I might lose some precious visits. Anyways, have you noticed that we are half way through with 2009? This could be one of the reasons why I changed my layout but then again, I really just want to create a change this season.

I can’t stay stagnant.

Like one plurkmate said, we shall all break out of the monotony.

So they say that it’s not New year that marks a new life. It is actually our individual birthdays. So now that Im nearing my own special day, I have to say that some plans are brewing. Some changes are coming.

Just a little clue I can give, I’m building a new site.

And now, I’m ready to accept comments on my site’s new look. And the new style of posting too. I’m trying to stay away from a “uniformed” look but too many details will appear visually stressful.

This is the point when I lift the wine, then say “hey you blog, new look eh? Im sure no one will appreciate you a again!” Ha Ha Ha. Im getting too ramdom already, got to grab some snacks now.


Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

it looks good naman. are you still young? i can sense that the blog owner is youthful, fun and energetic. tipong pumupunta ng school na may dalang psp.


Hey Denis!

RE: site design...the bird reminds me of twitter.

But it's actually cool!

Badong said...

i think this is better than the last one.

krishA said...

first time here..

nice template, wish I was the same, my layout is one thing that changes frequently in my blog :)

will be visiting here quite often

lucas said...

i'm diggin' the new layout..very fresh and homey with that bird and those fences...hehehe!

version 4 na pala to..heheh!