Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You're the 1, Goldilocks

I bet many would say that Goldilocks is very memorable of their childhood. I'm sure many would say that they grew up with the joys of having Goldilocks all the time. Well, I share same thoughts. The only difference is that Goldilocks is a love brand I couldn't escape from. My "nanay" loves Goldilocks products and she used them to shower me and my siblings with great food to share every time a special occasion comes. Now, contrary to my early thoughts, who would want to escape good food? Who would want to escape Goldilocks?

Now, that I'm part of the population with the capability to buy, I am more critical to choosing products and services that I will pay for. For sure many would agree that money is not that easy these days. What I love about Goldilocks is that they are well inclined not only with our "Pinoy" taste but with our ways of living. Goldilocks presents their products in a way that every Filipino can afford them and have a "Bitbit Pasalubong" everyday!

Another intricacies of us "Pinoys" is that we are generally healthy eaters. We all came to realize that healthy foods are also happy foods. Goldilocks is already a pioneer in dishing out delectable and healthy Filipino Food, but they are aware that there are segments who are ultra conscious on their intake of sweets. The very reason why Goldilocks introduced modified products made for these people.

So we know that Goldilocks is very "Pinoy" by heart. We also know that they have cakes that will brighten up any occasion. And we all know that Goldilocks is beautifully scattered everywhere, it can serve the needs of every Filipino for that treat of taste that only Goldilocks can give. These make Goldilocks the one.

But for me, You're the 1, Goldilocks because...

ordinary people like me,

even those famous celebrities like Dingdong,

and even the nation icon Ms. Kris Aquino

Can be brought as ONE by YOU. You're the 1, Goldilocks because different types of Pinoys are brought together by one taste, one love and one friend! and that is you!

Buffer video first, for smooth play

This is an original song composed and performed by Ms. Jenifer Sario - a good friend who is also inspired by the mere presence of Goldilocks! And the photos? Just a tiny representation of the massive number of people who consider Goldilocks a winning brand for every Filipino!


pink.in.vain said...

mmm..yummy. i lubb GOLDILOCKS! ahaei :DD

uglykidjoey said...

I love the song! :)

ianemv said...

we really love goldilocks products but bugs should also be put away from it..

Dale Bacar said...

Good luck Dens!