Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Trash all the “I am so creatively credible” critics; Transformers 2 for me , is sensory entertainment overload! I have seen the movie three times already and I still cracked on humor segments and freeze blank with all the flawless visual effects. So, the dispute circulating around which involves Megan Fox (movie lead star) and Michael Bay (movie director extraordinaire) is quite a catch. The two is debating whether the movie is an acting material or nothing but an entourage of expensive CGI and oh so intricate story boards.

Well whichever point is valid, I simply don’t care. The movie is meant to entertain and I believe this was fashionably achieved (or would this be an appropriate description for a movie of robots?) and the $400 million (and counting) earnings of the movie puts some high affirmation to my point.

Now, since I also got so pumped up by the soundtrack of this movie, here are some samplers delivered to us by Greenday, The Fray and Linkin Park. And they say the album is out- Motivation to start a movie soundtrack album collection? Oh yeah!

New Divide by Linkin Park

21 Guns by Greenday

Never Say Never by The Fray


mdeals said...

This movie is entertain y and fashionably achieved.


remembering my ordeals while watching that film is giving me nausea and vomitting again.


HOMER said...

No doubt the movie is entertaining.. :D

moongoddesslae said...

I so love the movie...whatever they say!