Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Photo Field" hit 01

Photography is one thing that I want to involve myself with. It is a surreal feeling when I experienced taking my own photo creations through manual SLR. Talagang tyagaan, but the results are overwhelming.

Now, I want to share it with you. For the first hit of my photography stint here on our page, I bring to you my unedited photos I submitted for my Photography class in college.

Thanks so much to April and Mr. Calabig!

"Breathing Park"
My blockmates April, Rosalie and Juvy as my subject.

"Missed the train"

I like my framing here. don't you? hehehe.

Again, thats April.

"Bottle of life"

Supposedly, this is for a product shot.

Nice play of background blur I'd say.

Alright, this is just the first wave. More photos to come.


val said...

yah, this bottle of life looks familiar haha =) nways, ganda nun bote..ay, un shot mo i mean hehe =) pramis!**