Monday, January 7, 2008

(hu u???) virtual world phenomena

in this day and age of really complicated and pocket-snatching technology, everything ( as in everything) now have their own counterparts and/or replacements.

mad tellers in the bank now are almost overshadowed by e-banking and ATMs.

going to the market which was dimmed filthy and tiring is no longer dominant because of the online shopping.

patintero, agawan base and Chinese garter are now replaced by online games and RPGs. ( no wonder kids of today are growing fatter and lamer.)

television now is threatened by You Tube. people are just tired of following every inch of celebrity breaths, they now want to be on the boob tube and be their own star. fair enough.

snail mail and the classic telegram are so much written in history and are well-kept in the archive of no return. thanks to the ever reliable Gmail, hot mail, yahoo,AOL, and the like for making it much easier to send mails. Of course, thanks to Globe, Smart, touch and Sun for bringing unlimited services of text and call- people now do everything over cellphone.

libraries are echoing not just because they lack books but because students and nerdies are lured by yahoo and goooooooooogle.

even social networking is now made digital with friendster, multiply, ym, myspace, and others.

Sure, technology makes life a breeze, but when used without any sense of responsibility can cause real and serious problems-

Identity thief.

This is one big phenomenon in virtual world. People using the image, name and personality of other people to gain friends, money and a pseudo partner.

Royalty scams.

In the system of "copy and paste" it is very easy to claim rights of the works of others. For those who do this, your all are bastard losers!

Web related crimes.

We all know minors petrified by insane adults luring them out for sex and money.

They say human will never be satisfied. No matter how world feeds them with good things that aim to help them, they will always be looking for more and worst, abuse these things.

Virtual world was not created to replace reality. It is our most friendly aid to do human task more efficient and effective.

Just like our reality, we don't want this Internet domain gone.

so please, do ourselves a favor.

Use Internet responsibly.

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