Saturday, January 5, 2008

The New Dude

November 26, 2007. My sister, her son sean, her brother-in-law kuya edwin and her mother (who happens to be my mother too) were riding an old KIA car in a fast paced drive to get to Chinese General Hospital for my sister is in deep agony because the person who have long incubated in her tummy is now bored and want to get out of her and experience the world outside.

kuya edwin was really nervous as accounted by my mama. Sean is in a bad mood for he will surely miss school the next day. My mother is of course excited and teary-eyed. My sister? pushing of course.

Before the daytime expose itself, a new symbol of manhood came into existence (solid existence- that is). The new man of the dela Pierre family and the new joy of my mom Lucia.

Presenting everyone, in color water effect. Graphically manipulated by yours truly. Sean's brother, my sister's child, my parents' new joy ( and there i go sounding like its such an honor to be part of our family.), and my nephew,of course.

The new dude,

Santino Rylle Claves dela Pierre

Pure Cuteness.