Tuesday, January 29, 2008

in black and white

The United States will soon have a black president.( my fearless forecast, ehem hes leading the polls right? and Oprah is campaigning him.) The idea of double standard was primed and cooked by the people of America who had this significant bias between white skinned people (or fair-skinned for that matter) and the dark ones. I remember this one episode of Grey's Anatomy wherein one white patient pleaded to get medical cure from a white fellow only. I know you know how cruel it is to live that stage of America. Today, the stigma remains. Discrimination for skin color still exist.

Now, Filipinos, being a prime follower of anything American embraced this mind-set too. Notice how Glutathione craze raved our country. Notice how dark skin is associated so much to ugliness. Notice how people tag "looking fresh and good" to people with fair skin. Notice how almost all Pinoy celebrities are "bond paper" white. Notice that most well-moneyed people are white too. And notice how advertising sides to those endorser with fair skin only.

Kapag maputi ka sa Pilipinas, crush ka ng bayan. But I believe that the true test of aesthetic beauty is looking good in black or white.