Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vintage Memoirs

Everyone, meet my makers- Lucia Guevara and Rogelio Claves. This is a vintage shot of their prom way back who knows when. My parents has been together for so long, they already stopped counting. It is nice to know that my tatay is my mama's first boyfriend, and first and ahem, only husband. I dont know, but I am aware that this kind of romantic relationship is so retro and is rare nowadays. As parents, I could not dare ask for a replacement. I wont even dare articulate how good they are for my tears might destroy my pc. My tatay works abroad and its been really ages since the last time he went home. I know that this is so personal to publish here that is why i'll keep this one short.

I am just so excited to see my tatay again and show him how far i have improved from that lazy boy that will always frown whenever he ask me to buy some nails for his hobby of crafting anything that is wood.

March 28 and Rogelio, the real elclaves shall grace his motherland again.