Monday, October 27, 2008


Project Runway Philippines

No, this is not a spoiler. I just want to make my fearless forecast on who’s going to win the first season of Project Runway Philippines. This is actually the very first Project Runway show I ever saw. I have to say that ETC with the prime aid of Unitel productions did a fine job in presenting the program to Philippine reality TV. So, my take on who will win the show? Aries- Simply because he did not bore the audience. It was fun seeing my crushes Theresa (the show’s host) and Mara (one of the 14 designers) in real life scene compared to seeing them in the boob tube. But I have to say I can’t believe how gorgeous Theresa is-it’s surreal.

Project Runway Philippines Final Runway
Theresa HerreraSo I was in the final runway show of Project Runway Philippines courtesy of ETC/Solar Entertainment as handed to me by “the bestfriend” April. After the fast pace of the show, we had our dinner at Burgoo with the company of an interesting crowd which I will safely call as the “planners”.


alex said...

ang cool naman ng job mo ayos sa freebies!


ive been reading good reviews for this show.

it's one of those few franchised shows that actually turned out to be good then.


and please be gentle with your comment for my vid blogging. YAY!

I'll say it now... it's shitty horrendous! lol.

RONeiluke, RN said...

i love mara. period :)

dazedblu* said...

Happy Halloween -->
Happy Weekends XD

RONeiluke, RN said...

you think? hehehe! she's my bestfriend, haley... i think i need to update this post. hehehe!

bena said...

wow! buti ka pa.. ive never been to any fashion shows.. =( sino pala ang nanalo?.. hope it was veejay coz he's one heck of a talented young designer.. ;)