Friday, January 9, 2009



Because I am a fan of Public holidays, it’s my pleasure to inform you guys about the already polished 2009 schedules for the “Holiday Economics”. The Makati Business Club is actually delighted for this schedule after being dismayed in long weekends last year because it caused some glitch in their operations. This year’s Holiday Economics is expected to bring in more motivations for Pinoys to do domestic travels.

Say ill excite you more by saying that there are 10 loooooong weekends for this year! And bite this- it is under Proclamation No. 1699 which was signed by GMA last December 24.

Here here!

Regular Holidays that means Long Weekend:

April 6 (Monday) Araw ng Kagitingan
April 9 (Thursday) Maundy Thursday
April 10 (Friday) Good Friday
May 1 (Friday) Labor Day
June 12 (Friday) Independence Day
Aug 31 (Monday) National Heroes Day
Nov 30 (Monday) Bonifacio day
Dec 25 (Friday) Christmas day
Dec 30 (Wednesday) Rizal day

Five Special Non-working Holidays are also added to help Filipinos commemorate special days in a more intimate way- this is according to our president. Hmmmm....

Aug 21 (Friday) Ninoy Aquino Day
Nov 1 ( Sunday) All Saints day
Nov 2 (Monday)
Dec 24 (Thursday)
Dec 31 (Thursday)

So, ready back packers and travel aficionados! Happy Holidays! He He He.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer


alex said...

ang daming monday at friday!


lucas said...

woooooooow...this is really cool! kung estudyante pa rin ako tiyak ang saya-saya ko na! hahaha!

wanderingcommuter said...

ang daming extra pay... hahaha!