Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last holiday season, people on the roads were obscured by red Starbucks cups placed on top of vehicles parading/roaming around the Metro. This is a gimmick launched by Starbucks to give away free cups of coffee for those people who spot the limited edition cup attached in the vehicle. I find this marketing gimmick brilliant and very cost effective. We all know how traffic is so high during the holidays and vehicle volume is just crazy. This move of attaching fake limited edition Starbucks cups on top of the vehicles is quite a novelty.

The Starbucks people were surprised to see metro aids, traffic enforcers and normal street people spotting the red cups. According to them, those people who qualify within their market would usually ignore things around them because of their busy minds, perhaps because of busy lives. Those normal people who were handed stubs were all too surprised and frantic thinking that they might have been logged under the “Wow Mali” scheme! Now that’s very Pinoy!

Well, I will surely spot for these red cups if in case Starbucks will still hold same gimmick next holidays seasons. Wont you?


alex said...

one of those elisita (literally) blogger did the same thing

ang cool ha hehe

lucas said...

i love coffee...and starbucks kung may pambili ako...hehe! pero sa ngayon mas nasasarapan ako sa timpla ko ng kape.. hahaha!