Monday, January 5, 2009



Having done a lot of shopping and purchases last holiday reign, I have noticed that a Filipino trait remains as ubiquitous as ever. I believe that this Filipino trait has travelled way past the old ages and it has evolved into many faces up until it reached the contemporary. I am talking about the “Tawad System”. Like “Filipino time” (being late for significant events) and “Manyana” Habit (procrastination), “Tawad System” has been deemed rather negative and an actual mishap in thinking that this can actually make us Filipinos look smart and well, practical. Say the term can also be concealed in business to be “negotiation” or “singing bids”.

I have to admit that I do “tawad” most of the time especially when I am in a very casual place with absence of security, parking and yes, air conditioning systems. Unlike the set trend of always asking for half the price (which is just outward wrong and “bastardic”), I always try to psyche up the “tindera” to what selling price is acceptable for her which will do great favour for both of us. For example, I am confident to have “tawad” when I am to purchase more than one unit.

But, “tawad system” can be so wrong. Business people are already aware of this practice so they have the tendency to over- price goods and/or services to give provision for “tawad”. Price negotiations can take place in all sorts of purchases and I wonder if prostitution can also welcome “tawad” in the industry.

I think that you also use this tricky Filipino trait most of the time. I see nothing wrong with this for as long as it’s always a mutual agreement and not a self-serving trick you do just to push your high belief in the cliche “customer is always right”.

Add on: The Menace was doing this article while he watches “You don’t Mess with the Zonan”. The Menace thought the movie was totally no-brainer and was done in honor of all the pervs out there. But, he can’t help but admit that the movie was totally funny. The Menace was also writing this down while negotiating with her sister on who shall be in-charge of the laundry now that their mom sprained her middle finger which was stacked in washing machine while doing the laundry. The Menace wins above her sister and accepted the compromise to do the dishes instead.


alex said...

i can't do that. i don't have talent for haggling. siguro kasi na gi guilty ako knowing those people, especially from the market, are just getting by with that they'll have in a day

... to which is not really enough...

kaya go na lang ako sa price nila. okay lang rich naman ako. joke!

lucas said...

hindi ako mahilig humingi ng tawad... i am no sure why pero para kasing nahihiya ako??? ewan! hehe!

Denis said...

hiyang hiya ako kay lucas at alex.

mga mayayaman haha


eliment said...

ako depende sa nagtitinda. kung mukhang mabait tumatawad ako. happy new year!