Friday, January 2, 2009

PRAYERS -First Realization

Mellow drama, some considerable achievements, expected failures, right leveled happiness, sudden escapes, beautiful friendships, down sides, ignorance, resentment, desperation, triumph, self-discovery, and tighter relationship with God- ideas and thoughts that went about in my 2008. I’m not sure if I have included all the stimuli and humanly defined terms in all these, but it doesn’t matter because I didn’t plan to start this writing with those words anyways.

Realizations – I had a lot of these during the holiday break. Realizations that went about in between party get goes, reunions, stressful travels and unbelievable expenses brought about by my aim to make my love ones feel like they are blessed same way that I feel so blessed by the past year.

I have a lot of realizations, so in between current affairs post that I might put here, REALIZATIONS articles will reign all throughout January. This will happen because this blog shall serve the main purpose it was built for- for me to speak my mind out and put my words into a web bank for me to look back and be surprised by writings that made sense, non sense and stuffs that I wouldn’t even care to shrug with or lift a muscle to create any reaction.

So here goes my first realization, PRAYERS

As human, we face the world full of things necessary and unnecessary. Things can be happy or sad, stressful or free and easy. I learned why population and urban nations exist, because no one can really survive alone. You may be living and running your own house, but buying commodities outside or attending to your personal needs will always include human interactions. Interaction will always be a two way thing. But what if time, proximity and even psychology won’t permit us to obtain any interaction in some points of our daily deliverance? Would we conclude to losing our minds? Or be Nancy Drew and search for some child-motivated crime scenes?

We don’t.

We turn to God. We talk to Him through whispered or loud prayers. I realized that human interaction can be a great savior of human sane. But I realized that prayers are indeed powerful. We don’t hear God respond real time. We don’t get a hug or kiss from Him. We don’t see Him laugh or cry with our stories. But, in this unexplainable context, we feel and hear his reply by heart. We don’t interact with Him physically, but our thoughts are being answered with us aware of it.

Prayer is my sanctuary. It has been tested. It can be done anytime, anywhere and for all situations- be it grief, happiness, confusion or hate, a prayer will always make you breathe easier and sleep sounder.

A year full of prayers to all of us! Prayers that can move even the most futile son of God.

More SERIOUS realizations for the whole month...I hope you can keep up.



Humans exist to support each other.

A prayer... Nice way to start your Blog Year Denis.

Jhon Bon said...

hi friend.Nice blog.i have already linked urs in my PR3 blog. take time to visit it. kindly link me back and do t favor. thanks a lot n advance.

"B" said...

It's good to know that you're considering prayer to start ur life this 2k9. I can atest that prayer really does works. :)

happy 2k9! I just posted a video. Maybe ur interested to watch it.

lucas said...

my spiritual life is mess lately... i guess it should be a priority for this year...

thanks for this denis..

peace out!