Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mc Donald's First Love Commercial

Here’s the newest commercial of Mc Donald’s currently playing in Philippine local TV. The message of this material can be felt without much effort in deliberate wordy translations. Its a piece of life approach done in a story that everyone can relate with.

The first time I saw this, it just went through and chills went in without me thinking any thoughts at all. With the use of Eraserheads’ “Huling El Bimbo”-Ayayay, I can’t explain, but its indeed beautiful.


B E N C H said...

i love this ad.. in fact i uploaded it on my multiply.. hehehe..

alex said...

the commercial IS beautiful

first time to see a very verygood one since "karen ko" commercial

anong ad agency ba me hawak sa mcdo ang galing nila

lucas said...

waaa! nakakainlab naman to! huhuhu! i agree...ibang klase ang tama kapag first love :)

btw, huling el bimbo is my fave song from the eheads...perfectly matched the story :)

Abou said...

kung nasaan man ang pers lab ko, sana hindi sya masaya

bitter lang


eli said...

i like this commercial too. kakainlab eh.

love ko yan!

acey said...

powerful tvc. it's so... bittersweet! i honestly wanna cry... lol. true.