Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol

Spreading fast and wide like the famous “tweets” , Simon Cowell is up to leave American Idol after season 8. Having to joggle three big shows ( Britain’s Got talent and X Factor- both in UK and American Idol) which involve massive traveling can really consume much of his time and energy and all these could lead to a decision of quitting one show. Now, which one will he let go? He was quoted to love all three shows but American Idol currently holds just a year of contract for Cowell which could be the top reason why he might leave the show.

I heard from The Morning Rush (RX 93.1) News today that Simon is deliberately losing interest in American Idol as ratings start to go down. The shining moments of American Idol accounts to over 20 Million viewers per episode. Now that the show slowly drifts away from the top spot, Cowell is reluctant to stay in a sinking ship. According to him, he is not used to not being number 1 anymore. He has already set a mantra of always being sharp on perfection and owning the top spot. He said that being number 1 is hard to get and once you get there, holding still is the only option. He also suggests Fox create another talent or music show that shall air after the American Idol season. There’s nothing much happening after American Idol, so another music show shall bring new flavor and excitement not just in American TV, but all over the world.

It is obvious that Simon Cowell is on a different league in comparison to the other three judges. His convictions are bolder and he always holds the cards of decision. I think that Simon has this genuine gift of seeing real talent and a guy like him has already mastered how the industry grows stars. Yes, he has the credibility and the name. Without him, I’m quite sure; American Idol will drift miles away from the ratings game.


Kirina P. Landipa said...

This, for me, is a huge loss to American Idol.

Dale Bacar said...

Simon is the one giving integrity and credibility to the show. Without him, I don't think it'll fly.

Suggest natin ipalit nila si Jolina LOL.


LOL! @ jolina!

ha! ha! ha!