Thursday, April 16, 2009

Twitter Challenge

ashton kutcher

The little blue bird (term borrowed from friend Dale)infection has been really massively spreading. With many people (which includes myself) getting into the tweet craze, the Twitter Challenge has been put into place. Two significant names battle to be the first Twitter account to gain 1 million Followers. Ashton Kutcher up against the CNN News team. Who will win? We are all waiting. I think few moments from now, someone will already hit the throne.

Follow me on Twitter, anyone? elguevara is the user name =)


lucas said...

uso nga ang twitter sa US. si ellen degeneres alam ko 500,000 plus na..hehe!

wala akong tweet account eh...hehe! plurk lang...


sige ba! Hehe! Actually naisip ko ring awing podcast yung ilan kong post kaya lang I don’t think I have the ‘voice’ to carry the weight of the words…

ko ring yumaman! Hehehe!

Dale Bacar said...

I heart the tag line. Lol.