Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If you were to be asked, where will you go?

To the comfort zone which gives you freedom, easy way, fun environment but will keep you monotonous and stagnant?


To the virgin and totally unfamiliar zone yet to be explored which will challenge your ability to adopt and create an entirely new niche that will zest up your daily existence with more vibe and unpredicted activity?

To my finger-counted followers and readers, please drop me your two cents on this.


The Gasoline Dude said...

Is this about work? The question is: Which pays more? = P

uglykidjoey said...

I am not a risk taker so I'd play it safe... :)

[dazedblu] said...

if this thought is in general concern, rather go for some change that makes you feel better! hence you have to weigh things out before proceeding into a new change.

each process is a learning experience.. life doesn't need to be stacked in the manner of being.

Crisiboy said...

pare grab an award for u at my blog..

Najua Scribbles said...

Walang masama kung susubukan.. Dun ako sa exciting! \m/

ALPSaguado.com said...

You laid out the choices but it seems you are biased with the second one. :p

I'm going for the second!

Badong said...

Dapat may growth. So bakit ka magreremain na stagnant? Kahit ganu pa kasaya ung environent mo kung wala ka namang advancement, wala rin.


Oh my! That bulilit advert is wicked!!!!!


Anonymous said...

sa lugar kung san ako mag'grow!


pero san nga ba yun?!?