Monday, April 20, 2009

The White Flag

Then he thought, after the long reign of summer sun comes a little interlude of rain shower. He thought it was refreshing, while some living muscles tell him it feels gloomy. The sky looks sad, the rain showers look life millions of tears coming from a very frightening domain. The man in him can’t help but be vulnerable. Once again, the defenses of strong facade break down and he just went with the strong force of thinking back his life.

What makes a person happy?
What makes a person feel gloomy?

He instantly thought that without aims to defy norms, it’s really not the tangible, material things that make him happy. Not the hottest gadget or huge bank account. He banks on people. His happiness depends on how other people are doing with their life. He always hopes for their happiness and wellness. It comes naturally for him to care and check on every person who matter in his life from time to time.


You may say so, but it’s not the significant point. He realized that it’s like a parasite’s deal to get happiness from others after hearing a lot of wise men say that happiness is found within, it is innate. They said no one should seek happiness from others. No one should be a parasite.

He cant help but feel sorry for the man in him; the man who would go beyond what’s possible to show care and importance. He can’t seem to get the point that sometimes, too much care is like an encrypted note of dismissal.

Today, he plans to stay still and hold on to what’s real and what’s more important. He raises a red flag for people who shamelessly ignore the efforts of someone caring for them. At the same time, he raises a white flag for the man who tries so hard just to be noticed. With all hopes, may he rest in peace.


lucas said...

ngayon lang yata ako magdedecode ng post from you denis...hmmm...

[They said no one should seek happiness from others. No one should be a parasite.]--i kept pondering on this one. and i have to agree that it's true. :)

Parasites are unhappy people. and unhappy people suck happiness from others and get frustrated kapag wala na silang makuha...