Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Student Activism

I am a graduate of PUP, an institution known for activism and massive student actions. I remember being asked if I was a student activist during college in almost all of my job interviews right after I graduated. I was never active in doing protests. To start with, I was never a student activist. I never grew interest to take the part. It’s not because I find the idea lousy or insignificant, but maybe I am not that brave and bold to siege the streets and roam the university to voice out opinions of opposition to our university policies.

I remember one professor say that the state of our university reflects the state of the nation. I would say partly true, except for the truth that no high class, well powered people are dwelling within our grounds. We are a state university which holds real “masa” students who are aware of the things happening around them. The “mass” segment that doesn’t fear people in ranks and position. We see what’s wrong. Some of us (including myself) will stay mum about it while most will go out and fight for what’s right.

I would always look up to those student activists. I commend them for their courage and stamina to fight for their beliefs and convictions. On a nutshell, I believe that activism is within us all. We may not be roaming the streets to shout and be bombarded by policemen, but we take participation in our own little ways. Getting involved doesn’t mean getting into the streets all the time. There are so many other avenues to fight. What’s substantial is that we know what’s wrong from right, and consult our conscience to decide which party to side with.


lucas said...

PUP? saang banda nga yan? malapit ba yan sa Phil. Normal?

yung school namin hindi active sa mga ganyan. pacifist yata kami eh. hehe! and i agree. hanga ako sa kanila because they are very passionate on what they believe in...

pareho tayo in that case...hehe!

oo nga eh...kakaiba yung genre niya. pero parang malakas ang probablity na adam-danny finale noh?

oo nga eh. sana maayos na. iniisip ko nga magkaron ng facebook account. kaya yung FS ko nga di ko maayos yun pa kaya. may multiply din ako. ayun nilalangaw. hehe!

nagbaha pero naagapan naman. sobrang naglimas kami ng tubig. hehe!


Yeah, Im an activist:

I tried veganism to help protect animals but it wasnt successful.

This week Im pretending I have Nuts allegies so that my coworkers wont eat nuts (to help nuts).

Mugen said...

But if its your family that suffers, you cannot help but look down on these people and see them as troublesome rather than helpful for the country.

Crisiboy said...

PUP BBA Marketing batch 2001 grad din ako..hehehe..nice to see he co-blogger na kapwa PUP..cool blog bro..