Saturday, April 25, 2009

Leighton Meester's Album

My gossip girl, Blair Waldorf ( Leighton Meester in real life) is set to launch her very first music compilation. I have to admit that I never thought she can sing, until I saw this video I’m sharing with you now. This is an old movie called “Drive Thru” to which Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey) also appeared. The song is called “inside the black”.


According to people in good “authority” working with Leighton on this album, she has what it takes to make it big in the music scene. Meester quipped that her music influencers are Chris Cornell and Incubus. Asked about her music genre, she said it would be “electronic rock hybrid” like MIA and Gwen Stefani.

I am hoping to see and hear her music. Would you agree with me in my thinking that this girl can really sing?


Dale Bacar said...

Team Serena forever lol

Dale Bacar said...

Team Serena forever lol


OMG. U have gossip girl in your recent post..

Guess who's my guest in my recent post?????