Wednesday, April 15, 2009


200 KM., 5 driving hours, 2 stop over, 14 people, 1 destination – Anawangin Cove, Pundakit, Zambales! It’s time again for team Alchemy’s summer getaway. I’d have to say that Anawangin is really the vacation island to beat!
First activity is to island hop. To do this, it is imperative to ride the motor boat. If only God blessed me with the wings, I could have spared myself from the heart pounding boat rides which by the way lasted for like 30 minutes for every island destination.

First stop is the Camara Island which presented us with crystal clear water and beauty of humungous rock structures. I love seeing lots of small fish in clear water which is situated right up front the shore. Next, we went to Capones Island which is also impressive because of its white sand, wide shoreline and of course, the crystal clear water. Final stop is the surreal place of Anawangin! I swear, it’s really a great feeling being so close to this beauty of nature. We’ve seen the sunset while in the island while we also took some time to goof around and of course do our ever favourite “jumping” shots!

Nights came in and were back to the resort. We started with nice dinner fore fronted by grilled liempo and sausages. Alchemy getaway won’t be complete without the drinking session. I got a little tipsy so i went back to our room and snooze (snore) away!

Next day, right after lunch we took off with genuine smiles and hopes of coming back again in this place. And oh, I have to mention that NLEX is really the driver’s BFF! It’s really a great thing NLEX is around.
More summer fun to come. Ikaw ba, what’s your plan?

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Fjordan Allego said...

wow! saya naman ng vacation trip ninyo to zambales. hindi ko maalala kung nakarating na ako sa gawing yan. may beach din pala sa dun..

Lizeth said...

i added u in my links. hope ull add mine too. :)

Crisiboy said...

balak po namin punta sa anawangin this may 1 and 2 give me some tips naman links po tyo ok lang..

Crisiboy said...

pare added u na sa blog ko..salamat sa mga advise about sa anawangin..sana lang wag nga maulan..kainis panahon ngayon wik na kami pupunta dun e

Crisiboy said...

pare magkano ba pag nagstay kami sa pundakit resort..balak na lang namin dun matulog kesa sa anawangin..di ba walang kuryente sa anawangin islands..

Crisiboy said...

bro un bang binigay mong mismong anawangin island un..mahal pala nohh.hehehe..anyways tnx ulit..

Crisiboy said...

bro sensya na..last na..pano kami makakapunta sa canoe resort from here sa manila..kaya ba tru victory liner iba pa pala ung canoe resort ung mga rooms..

bro sa chatbox ka na lang reply para madali lang..tnx ulit..