Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey Blog!

american idol season 8
As promised, here we are with this new look. Truth of the matter is I was sleepy yesterday because of the Holy week break “hangover” and so I accidentally messed up my layout. I suddenly realized that my back up files of the entire blog was also accidentally deleted. Then, panic room came in and my entire day was a mess. I was drained. Good thing I recovered some files. Now, the link list widget was DELETED too so, I WOULD LIKE TO ASK SOME LOVE FROM YOU TO KINDLY WRITE YOUR BLOG URL HERE so that I can build up my links again.

Now, what better way to kick off the second quarter of TM but talk about American Idol right? Now that top 7 is determined already, I would have to say (and this goes without giving in a lot of effort to think) that Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert will hit it to a Man to man action! Aw, I mean the two will surely compete for the AI season 8 top slot. I would probably predict that it would be Anoop or Allison going out this week.

Adam is always surprising and his vocals are often flawless and distinct but I don’t think he has the makings of a real idol. On this point, I’d say Danny will win this season because I believe that America will still go for the sharply clean image backed up by an interesting story of him losing his wife weeks before the idol auditions. And have I mentioned his power vocals? -Crazy right?

So, here’s TM back on track. The hopes are high that my finger-counted readers will somehow increase. He He He.

And the tweet goes “hey bloggers!”


Dale Bacar said...

I almost picked this template for Bum-Spot. This suits you better though. This looks way better than better Dens. Gaan sa mata.

Gabz said...

this is my bold prediction as well - that danny will bring home the bacon

he's a gifted singer and got a charisma that masses love

aside from losing his wife, he also lost his father (?) some weeks after

perhaps he pulls his strength from this tragedy

Lance said...

ey you can add me up again..
Lance at punkies07.blogspot.com
i think this is a better layout for you..

Fjordan Allego said...

maaliwalas ang blog mo ah hehehe..

here's my blog


lucas said...

hey! you're back! :D

i'm sorry bout your messed up day and the deleted files.

i agree. kung si danny at adam sa finals, danny would probably win. pero i'm still hoping makapasok si matt giraud. hahaha!

how's you're holy week?
belated easter denis :)

alex said...

parang ang dami natin na nagpalit ng layout ah hehe

good thing you retrieved the entries pano mo nagawa?

anyways i hope lambert wins, i luv the guy

wanderingcommuter said...

huwaw bagong lay out!!! infairness ang aliwalas!!!

cris pa din ako!! hehehe

MakMak said...

Four other contestants on Idol are better performers and vocalists than Danny.

Markotics said...

Add me up again dude:


Nice layout btw.

Markotics said...

Hi, can you add me up again:


Nice layout and welcome back!

Najua Scribbles said...

nice. very nice.