Monday, October 13, 2008


Bob Ong

I have read a lot of books before but never have I seen a book written so fluid, it can actually throw you away from the constraints of the physical world. Yes, I am talking about the books of Bob Ong. Oh well, to put it in a more correct manner, the author that I am referring to is really named as Roberto Ong. Let me tell you about the origin of his name “BOB ONG”. (As if you haven’t heard of this, let’s just say that’s the case.) Roberto Ong started as a web developer and a teacher. When moments call for some spare time, he plays on his website tagged by himself as “Bobong Pinoy” which became prominent as “Dumbed Filipino”. This site was named People’s Choice Philippine Web Award for Weird/Humor in 1998. Ironically, this diminutive writings turned him into a famous Pinoy author known as Bob Ong.

His popular quotable quotes are now most forwarded text message around the text society. I haven’t really finished any of his books and I’m planning to buy all of them to see just why people are talking about him.

Here are BOB ONG’s works

ABNKKBSNPLAko?! (Aba nakakabasa na pala ako?!) (Wow, I can really read now?!)

Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro Ang Mga Pilipino?(Why do Filipinos read books in reverse?)

Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas (Judas' favorite book)

Alamat ng Gubat (Fable of the forest)

Stainless Longganisa (Stainless Chorizo)



alex said...

i love bob ong!

he's one of my heroes!

he's very mysterious, so i was REALLY surprised to learn the person behind the name when our common friend told me about it...

i was blown away!!!!

babu na ang da who!


i hope i can buy it on-line..

anw, re: your comment. I know they have closed some Chinese restos and take aways in here, but so far the news is not as BIG (re: Chinese products) like the news I see in TVP World.

News here are always about the Parliament, economy, science... But saying that, for the last month I only watch Fox US, and Disney (so I really dont know what's going on in here... lol.)

RONeiluke, RN said...

i love bob ong's works! paborito ko pa rin yung first book niya. he was my inspiration to write in tagalog. hehehe!

hindi ko pa nababasa yung macarthur, sana may mahuraman ako! ahehehe!

wanderingcommuter said...

as far as i know, bob ong is just a pseudonym. no one actually know him. some claims that he is a professor in UP diliman. but the teacher denies this.
even bob ong's publisher don't know him personally for he only send his manuscript over emails...

paano kung siya pala si god. hehehe

paperdoll said...

hmm. . sino kaya si bob ong? hindi naman aco. . hindi rin ikaw. . hmmm. . baka nga si god. .

Anonymous said...

bob ong? i paid no attention about him though i heard a lot of him(most especially from my cousin). i was like "sino ba yung bob ong na yan?" i never really knew anything about him, until lately. i had a vacation somewhere. and one hot afternnon,i had nothing to do and i was bored to death. i walk around the house and spotted the bookshelves. there were lots of books there but my eyes caught the title "bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga pilipino?" it was a weird title. so,i decided to read it, and just to know what kind of book bob ong writes. and i have to admit , he is a very, very good writer. very funny too. the kind of book he writes are especially made for us. para sa mamamayan nh pilipinas. at kahit saan ko tignan, lahat ng isinulat niya ay tama. pati yung pagpatay sa ipis.(ang paboritong libro ni judas) galeng talaga! bob ong, keep up the good work. sana matauhan na ang mga madlang people ng pilipinas.(sabagay,matauhan man siguro sila,ma realise man siguro nila yung kwento mo, do u think that would matter to them?) hay...kakalungkot isipin.

Rms Aquitania said...

Last week lang ako nakahanap ng book ni Bob ong, hahah, after ng ilang taong bumili agad ako ng tatlo at binasa ko lahat within three days.. woahhh... galing...pang masa nag libro lahat ng makakabas kahit di nakapagtapos ng M.A at Ph.D eh maiintindihan ang libro...Haha. di mo kaylangang maging Nerd or weird para maintindihan ang book, pasok na pasok....going to buy next payday first three remaining books nya at started last week, susundan ko na lahat ng ilalabas nyang libro. hanep.. my thoughts at maiintindihan agad.=0)...unlike other books, na sobra sa pagkahigh sounding ang english, tatamarin ka ng basahin dahil dapat my katabi kang english dictionary o english tagalog dictionary...i wonder anu itsura ni bob ong,, amm mukha ba xang aktibista, or mukhang nerd from one of the top univ in the philippines?.or isang simpleng mamamayan lang na pag lumalabas ng bahay eh, naka short, tsinelas, at naka jersey or, naka tshirt.?..dream to meet him at magpa autograph ng libro..