Monday, October 20, 2008


Now, before you throw in your “ews” and disappointment remarks because you think I’m sleazy, hear me out first. I am born D-E-N-I-S Guevara Claves and like what I said on my profile, my name was just chosen by my mom from a baby book. Now, I always joke about the somewhat weird spelling of my name in comparison of course to the conventional D-E-N-N-I-S. Imagine my name misspelled. Say, you accidentally dropped the D and replaced it with P. This case happens all the time especially when manually writing down my name on a paper. This pitch always works during my job interviews. It helped me inject humor which leads to a relaxed momentum.

April (the best friend) requested for me to write about this and humiliate myself (insert smiley here). Oh well, I believe in laughing at one’s self to be very human so what the heck.

Now, careful when writing me a letter alright? Ha Ha Ha. I hope this thought is funny to you, or else I lost all the right reasons and came out just sleazy.


Vhonne said...

ahaha.... natawa ako... amf... ganda ng name mo PENIS este DENIS

Lance said...

pwede ring genis (genitals)! hehehehe
joke lang poh..

RONeiluke, RN said...

PENIS D MENACE! haha! very fitting! haha! joke!


thanks, mate :)

alex said...

be careful sa pagsusulat ng name hehe

Dale Bacar said...

Lol sati sa office ang natyp ekong last name instead na Bacar is Bacat. >.> sagwa. May mas malala pala hehe.


I know someone called Mr. Mike Hunt.

and you know Hugh Jass?


hisnameisdencios said...

same experience