Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stories on a Weekend

Because it was a Holiday last Wednesday, I thought of taking a leave on a Thursday in time to accompany my mom in the hospital for her annual general check-up. It’s been quite a while since I last went to a hospital and it was quite a nostalgic scene for new-born babies. Why so? The last two episodes of my hospital were when Santino (my nephew and God son) was born November of last year’s, and when Francesca (my God daughter) was born last August. So, I guess, for as long as I am never confined with all the strings and dextrose, hospitals will always remind me of new born humans!

So it turned out that my mom is super healthy. I’m so glad to know. Except from some pain meds prescribed, mother Lucia is at the pink of her health. I think her diet works. So the
check-up happened last Thursday right? Tuesday night was spent in a sleep over at April’s place. We were supposed to just have a dinner but then she convinced me to snooze out in her house. I was quite skeptical knowing that she and her sister are on this no-speaking state as of the moment because my best friend did something sooo girly again. It actually involved lying, yet again. I was involved in the orchestration of her not so true story/cover up, so her siter confirmed her story to me that night. I don’t want to substantiate the story, but it was really one of my nervous moments.

I was really planning to take a good sleep during my two-day vacation but activities went on my way so I reported at work yesterday sluggish and a little unwell. Some unpleasant emails also greeted me in the morning, so it was all in all a slow and blue day yesterday. Thank you very much to all the bastards in the world.


Jowell said...

Hey! Back here again to read on updates. it is good to know that your loved ones are healthy and living sweetly kaya we should always thank Him for that.

Hey, I really like your footnotes every post. Really creative. It is like your blog's identity. I wanted to do that as well but that would be so wrong, right? Haha. Yeah, hey wanna ex-link?

wanderingcommuter said...

well atleast you found at that your mom is in perfect shape. tingin ko okay na yun!


unpleasant emails? hmmm... I hope you're feeling ok now... Just be thankful that your mum's ok... TC.