Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An Open Letter to Mr. Taylor

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I know that it’s my entire fault. That Saturday, I was really not paying attention to my surroundings. I know that you were trying to signal a bad sight fast approaching, but I simply ignored you. Then there was this soft thingie that I stepped into. It looks yellowish with some gray fibers and smells damn horrific. I am sorry Mr. Taylor. It is part fault of that dog who dropped his poofy in the middle of the sidewalks. I immediately showered you with alcohol but I know you’ve been covered with enough shame already.

That doesn’t end there. Monday morning while walking towards the bus stop, I stepped (yet again) to this slimy thingie on the floor. When I looked down, I saw the most hideous thing I saw in my life so far. A dead cat which I assume died a few minutes before Mr. Taylor sank his all on it. I saw blood and bones and what have you. Ayayay.

Then there was this topic in Chico and Delamar show on RX Monster Radio 93.1- Top Ten Definitions of Pain. The entry is about this student who fell on the ground then with his bone coming out of his elbow. This thought keep on flashing in my mind and I can’t help but cringe. My imagination is so intense with hurtful accident; I can feel it happening to me. With this incident, I kept on jumping up and down just to forget the scene. I know this have hurt you like hell Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor, forgive me. I’ll be careful next time.




I could just imagine that incident with the pussy... elk!

RONeiluke, RN said...

hahaha! madalas akong makatapak ng pupu. ang dami kasi naming aso sa bahay eh! hahaha!

grabe naman yung sa pusa... minsan nkakkita ako aso! aso ha hindi tuta. blood was everywhere, and no one bothered to come close...hehehe!


a blogger friend informed me na PR3 ako hehehe! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Makoy is right, you do have a face that only your mother could love. Napaka-pangit mo nga! Its a good thing you could write otherwise there simply won't be a place for you in the known universe.

the menace said...

to the anonymous commenter,

Thanks for dropping by here.

Well, I never claimed to be good looking, cause if thats the case I should have flauted my photos here in huge screaming resolutions.

georgemaldita said...

eeeiiiiwwww.... hehehe.. what happened to Mr.Chuck Taylor after that??

And you do have one now??
I never knew that you're also a fan??? hehehe..

Neweis,, accidents do happen..
Be careful next time..