Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Am The Menace

Restructuring took 16 hours. Consultations and desperate HTML helps took 3 or even more headcounts for me to come up with this new blog look. Edit that out, I have to say that this is an entirely new blog. New, because I am to improve on it a lot and put on more worthy reads and information that are as important as the daily Libre tabloid’s unconventional Horoscope. Now, I know that I took some melodramatic exit goodbyes for “Greenfields of My Menace” so please forgive me for that bastard move.

My old blog served as my playground to see if blogging is really for me. I have tried mix and match of colors, change of templates every now and then, not to mention the gazillion times that I changed my blog host. Well, thank Good Lordy for Blogspot- user friendly just like a Nokia phone. Coming with the experiences in blogging are friends who have come to be my great confidantes and online pals. To all of you guys, thank you for the genuine friendship and the day to day temper in acknowledging my small questions about blogging.

October 22, 2008 will date the second year of my blogging life. And yes, I certainly call it life because this has been one of my significant learning. I have to say that blogging made me feel like a journalist who takes a great deal in every post I have to make. In this note, I would like to thank my two hands-counted readers and ahem, followers. May this new blog engage you more into how I see this earthly land? And yeah, I’m trying to be funny.

So, please let me hear those claps and cheers? Okay I won’t force you, but just like what the goddie boy Dale Bacar told me in his text last night, I should not let some jerks ruin my daily happiness that is in blogging. Thanks man for the kind words.

So, here we go. This is The Menace, simply reloading!


Dale Bacar said...

Welcome back. Love the page. Love the attitude. Hehe.

Makoy said...

wow nice new layout!

alex said...


ang ganda ng layout mong bago

sooooo seksay!

Jowell said...

Nagulat ako akala k maling site yung pinuntahan ko, hahaha. I actually revamped SPOON LAGOON too. Pero yung akin unscheduled kasi something went wrong with the RSS image kaya nag-overlap sa buong site... hay naku... So there I switched to a new template. Much more user-friendly and really clean.

"The Menace" is born. Have a nice day..

Denis said...

dale : Thanks for the lift!

makoy : glad u liked it sir

alex : hahah seksay ba? naks

jowell : ingat sa tweaking. save all the time. heheh thanks sa visit

Lance said...

hmmm... good to see a new look of you! =)

georgemaldita said...

Congratz and Welcome back.. you made me feel nervous when you said your signed off blogging.. hehehe..

Can i ask you a question??
"Who made the new template?":D

Godbless and more Blogs to come:))