Saturday, October 11, 2008


Time again for me to share my insights on the latest advertising materials prevailing today in mainstream media. Its quite different this time, because my take is a little personal. Personal, because I see these commercials fascinating because of the character on it and because of the person who portrayed the character. The common face on these commercials is Bianca. She is a contemporary of Atom Araulo ( now a reporter for ABS-CBN News) in the teen oriented program 5 and Up. On that program, she really caught my attention because of her witty stance, not so intimidating smile and her crisp articulation of her spills.

Now, my memory of my long time "crush" for her is revived as she dish out this very funny commercials for Smart All Calls 20 on the first video and Smart Fish Buddy on the second one.

I hope these videos will send you to a weekend filled with laughters.


RONeiluke, RN said...

akala ko si bianca gonzales. she's pretty :) pero hindi ko xa maalala sa 5 and up. hehehe! tagal na kasi nun eh.

uuuuuuuyyy.. cruuusshh. hehehe!


nakakamiss ang mga commercials sa Pinas.

thanks for posting them

And you know what, I did watch 5and Up before.

Lance said...

she's cute nga naman... hehe