Thursday, October 16, 2008



Immersion in the real street scenario- this is the general substance behind the newest news magazine program in ABS-CBN’s late night documentaries. KALYE , hosted by Sol Aragones, Atom Araulo and Anthony Taverna tackles the real events that take place in streets. Topics can range from crimes, hunger and people living at the very face of the streets.

I have seen the segment of Atom Araulo when he went down the drainages to discover the substances that form the undergrounds. It also depicts the lives of people doing the job in real life. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Another segment I saw by Atom again is when he tried living like a street dweller. He experienced sleeping by the sidewalks and hunting for food in the streets and thoroughfares. I haven’t seen the full episode, but I can say that this program bagged quite a niche.

Beyond the high profile economic crunch and bank reserves melting down here and there, Kalye showcases how ordinary citizens go about with the effects of these big issues. It shows how our neighborhood sari -sari store lose income in a daily basis. It shows how familiar faces like sales ladies, jeepney drivers, and garbage hunters go through their daily lives looking for the “grandeur” in food to serve for an ordinary day’s meal.

Kalye airs over ABS-CBN every Monday, after Bandila.



ive seen the pilot ep 2 weeks ago and I was impressed.