Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A stare, it’s very visual and strikes you in one of the most keen and sharp organs of the body-the eye. I believe that a stare can be so powerful. One can relatively gauge a person’s character in a momentary stare. I’ve seen a lot of stares, and experienced a lot of it too.

A stare can be bad. I’ve seen people in the MRT with this kind of stare. People can get really agitated in situations where you feel to tightened and sweaty. A person can also stare you bad because you stepped into his/her foot. I have actually witnessed a catfight between two females inside the MRT because of a bad stare. A little too shallow I’d say.

A stare can be good, of course. It can mean positive physical attraction. You’ll know it in a stare if someone is attracted to you. I can be a cut sharp stare or a shy stance. It is also a natural occurrence to give a stare to someone we admire physically. It can happen in random situation and with random strangers. I’m not talking about casual sex of course.

Do you stare too? - Because in my case, stare is my turf. Ha Ha Ha. Go figure.



I am nosy, so I always stare... :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

i was able to read a book about body languages. there is something about stares there. there is so called a 'power stare' which is effective in flipping one's vantage point during debates or heated confrontations... ahehehe! wala lang. hehe!


so sober ka na for more than 3 months? congrats! :)

Jowell said...

It is kinda rude to stare but I would be telling a lie if I'd say I don't stare at people because I do. I stare because somebody might be really really weird, really really attractive or really really annoying. Yun lang yung reasons ko. Come back to the lagoon soon...