Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Crush Crush List 2

Nothing can really make my day but good sights. It can be the freshness of the sunburst or the simple smile of any creature I encounter. Certainly, good human symmetry will always make me feel good. Not that I don’t acknowledge “inner beauty”; I just can’t help but admire the beautiful blessings of God. On this very note, I d like to present to you my Crush Crush list number 2.

Drum roll please. Blow the trumpet. Let go the elephants and tie Angelina Jolie on the chair. What I basically want to say is, here are the girls! Woot Woo!

Blair WaldorfLeighton Meester (Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl) : That lips,the beautiful accent and the man-pleasing choice of clothing. Who would not glue his eye on this girl? Tell me or are you crazy?Project Runway PhilippinesTheresa Herrera (Host of Project Runway Philippines) : She doesn’t
play the Goddess stature, but that makes all the difference. Shes an understated God of beautiful face symmetry. Take one glance and you’ll surely take the day off just to stare at her.
Dewee Valiente
Dewi Valiente (April’s best buddy in the office) : Well, it has been revealed by the my super B* best friend that I do have this crush for this girl. Shes very perky and her smile is sheer cuteness. April told me that Philippines can be hit by a huge storm but Dewi will still be up and running with great fashion sense all the time. See? I’ve got taste. =) Mara ReyesMara Reyes (Fashion Designer, Finalist Project Runway Philippines) : Shes not to girly that’s why I like her. I always look forward to her uncanny remarks on the show. I like her subtle but confident stance. Knowing that she posses this great taste for visual arts makes me more attracted. Goddie luck Mara.

So there, were done with my Crush List for the season. Hmmm, I think there will be list number 3. Well, you can’t blame me; I have this great appreciation for God’s gift. (Insert devil smile here.)


Makoy said...

nag yosi pla si mara

alex said...

ang daming nagpo-post ng crush list ah! wala akong maipost frigid ako eh. haha

Dale Bacar said...

Ay uso ba yan, hmmmm.