Saturday, August 9, 2008

Solo Flight

This may sound a little too defensive, but try to understand please. I don’t aim to be cheesy. Most of all, I don’t aim to join the infamous “emo” club. And above all, I don’t want you to look at me like a loser with no gear left to slide or swing even for just a cup of coffee. Please don’t think of me as any of these.
Weekends actually make me feel like there’s a chance for me to take some time off and just escape away from all of the momentary rush to catch time and perform the long list of tasks I need to do. See, I’m always late for work. It’s because I’m trying to catch up on so many readings that I need/want/have to read. April’s actually harassing me to give her Harry book back. Well, some more patience and I’ll be done with it. It’s been two months that I have been losing grip on having that genuine joy. Not that I can’t smile. Not that I’m darn sad, I would want to stay in bed and sleep all day. I have to believe I’m okay. I have to say that there still exists happiness.
Sometimes, the choice of being alone is quite symmetrical to the choice of having independence. Yes, you heard/read it right, I am damn single. But hey, don’t go throwing your boo boos cause it by choice that I am not attached. Not that I think that you’ll be so happy to be updated with my personal issues, but I just have to write this down; Hoping that some of you may feel the same or is actually experiencing this “episode”. Its true when they say that being single is agonizing and well, yeah it sucks. I like feel good movies but I don’t have someone to share it with. I enjoy books and the radio but no one seems to drive it on my way. I always eat out but no one seems to see that I am fun to have lunch with. Well, my nanay will always want to go out with me.
Man, I don’t want to lose it. It’s just that the convenience of being single can sometimes prove to be insignificant. It’s hard when you want to go out but friends are too busy to spend time with you. Again, refresh on what my prelude to this post. But, then again, I can’t blame you if you’ll laugh your head like you want to scrap or maybe tap my back and say “its okay, you’re not alone, the world is full of losers.”

Oh well, its arbitrary. As for me, it feels nice to let loose sometimes and deactivate the defenses down. And no, I didn’t make this post with tears are falling. That’s just too much.


Dale Bacar said...

There is a reason why there is a "singles scene." You have to go out and meet people as we are not all so lucky to have our "the one" fed ex'd into our laps.
You have to be willing to go through the painful process of meeting all the wrong people for that minute chance to finally end up with the one that is right for you. Of course you have to remember to just enjoy the process and make the most of it. :) G'luck buddy.

RONeiluke, RN said...

sabi nga ng the corrs:

"Everybody's searching for intimacy...ooh...ohh..ohh"

haha! masarap maging single pero iba ang benefits kapag you're with someone...

acey said...

you don't seem like a loser to me, d. :)

bena-yot said...

Dens! have you ever been mutually committed with someone else like being into a relationship?.. coz me - NEVER! and NEVER did i consider myself a loser.. why should i! in fact, im happy to be part of NBSB! being single for me is being totally care-free! do this and that! go extreme and sometimes go drama.. i would say that's the benefit im getting.. on the downside, im kinda deprive of sex! joke! hahaha!

ur one smart tough guy dens and i appreciate that! keep it up and keep rollin! rock on! hihihi!

moi bena! ;)

LESTER said...

*sniff* *sniff*

michy said...

hmmm... being single is an in thing right now... so don't worry. matagal na yang uso panahon pa ng lola ko, mga tita ko at ngayon sa panahon ko! hahaha!

georgemaldita said...

you are not alone denis.. sometimes i feel that way too,, add up my financial status,, im broke now,, unlike before.. (sigh).. when i feel that im so tired but still need to do lots of thing,, i want to have a getaway vacation somewhere else to meet new faces.. hehe.. but kidding aside we need not be in a rush.. let's enjoy every moment and i want to share this simple thought with you... "anything worth having is worth waiting for..:D

B E N C H said...

i'm also single and i don't mind.. :) i've been to seven past relationships (most of them a total failure) and now, i'm enjoying what i have, work during the weekdays with side trips to malls after work, and of course, the weekend getaway (out of town, gimik, etc.) with friends, single or attached.. besides, you get to do whatever you want without minding anything.. :) hahaha!!!