Monday, August 25, 2008

The English Robin

first, watch this.

Now, tell me will you buy the product after this?
Did you get the essence of the supplement?
Or did you just enjoy seeing the actor in his unfamiliar wits?
tell me.


prinsesamusang said...

i found it very weird.

salingPUSA said...

Ang tigas. Gives you the feeling...kelan sya matatpos? It just doesn't add up. It would have been better if the lines are in Filipino/ Talagalog.

Dale Bacar said...

Actually it makes me think that the product has no credibility just like the endorser. Had he spoken in Filipino, he would have conveyed his message better. It's not even funny.

leviuqse said...

potah he sounds like a junkie in the kanto!

shetness i sounded like one too

Dale Bacar said...


georgemaldita said...

i have nothing against robin but i did't find it pleasing to my ears.. and i'm not sure if he is credible enough for the product..

B E N C H said...

unpleasant.. tsk tsk.. :(

but about buying the product? uhm, depends.. i don't judge a product based on the celebrity endorser.. :)