Thursday, August 14, 2008

She and He

Disclaimer : Right after my Solo Flight article, here I am writing something that will slap myself and tell me that I am indeed the denial loser. Nah, kidding pun here. This article is something that has long incubated in my loooong favor list. Now, is the right time I think to do this.

Let me tell you a story that is not too unfamiliar; A real definition that best relationships start with friendship. I’ve seen these two friends of mine practically in their adolescent lives. We belong in one group or shall I say one class way back High school. I am proud to say that the friends I made that time are real people. We are actually still in good relationships with each other. This actually means frequent gatherings and yeah mature conversations now that we see ourselves as adults who passed the stage of cheesy punch lines and weekend afternoon romantic show-like dramas. Not that I don’t expect these two (still unnamed people in this part) friends will grow something intimate and romantic between them. It was actually my predetermined thought that they have the chemistry.

She has her own issues. He had his own dilemmas to deal with. I have to say that he and she were one of the most interesting people I know who entail a lot of stories in their lives. I also have to say that beyond some downside personality snitches, they are two of the best people in my friendly friends list. I said it before that they will really make a great couple. They will look good together. But, that time all I can see is a brother-sister relationship existing between them. I saw her choose the wrong guy. I saw him make lots of girls smile for him. Then, I thought maybe they can just stay this way- friends.

It was last day of the summer months. She called me up. “You’re the first to know” she said. It made me smile. “I told you so” I said. I don’t know, but I felt some happy cells rushing towards me when I heard her news. She was quite worried about what her family and other friends will say. I told her that no one can judge them because no crime has been done and no hearts will break. It is a partnership made of the bliss of friendship. So, who’s there who have the right to raise an eyebrow?

Abbie and Jake, I am one with those who will root for you two all the way! Just please don’t make me regret posting this article ha. Ha Ha Ha.


RONeiluke, RN said...

ahhaha!. i have a bestfriend named, haley and we were friends for almost a decade now...there was a point in time that we fell for each other...but decided to keep it to ourselves (last april lang kami nag-aminan na may ganun palang nangyari! haha). she was in a relationships and so was me...and now we realized, it's better for us to be just plain!


Good luck sa mga friends mo...

hayaan na nila kung ano man ang sasabihin ng iba. Di na mawawala yun.

What matters most is the love they feel for each other.


BTW, because of this site, I discovered that new widget... Thanks!

abbie said...

it's not easy to be in this kind of relationship but it's the most challenging,fun, and the best relationship i ever had... i will not promise anything,will just prove it na lang =) thanks for a good post my ever loving and trusted bro...=)

B E N C H said...

ikaw menace kelan ka?? hehe.. san na yung friend mo? hehe.. will i be the first one to know? :)