Friday, August 15, 2008

D day!

The night before, I was touched to see my bed neatly done with fresh cloths and newly changed pillow cases. Then walking out of the room, all I can do is look at my nanay and say thank you. Nothing really special happened that night. My sister is actually a little goofy that night. But, it didn’t really bother me. I went on to have a nice bath and plunged the sofa to glue my face on TV. 11 pm hits the clock. I was texting with some dear friends teasing me that it’s just an hour and ill be a year older. But, I wouldn’t consider 22 old.

Today, I woke up in a nice temperature and smiling burst of the sky. Geez, it’s my birthday today. I immediately checked my phone. I almost fell into tears seeing just how many people remembered my special day. Some made it a point to really greet me at 12 am. I wouldn’t go blush with my thank you now for I would expect assume more people will still send in their love.
Now, that I am 22 I want to scrap down my million thoughts. I like to express my blabbers and thoughts in 22 items so that I won’t get you bored with this post. The first 11 will be my messages for me and the second half shall represent my prayers.

1. Be closer with God. Build a better way to communicate with him.
2. Learn to appreciate blessings, be it tangible or not.
3. Save more. Stop unnecessary spending.
4. Give more. So that your two sisters will stop calling you “kuripot”.
5. Say thank you more. Bad or good deliverance, its always the learning that counts.
6. Focus on yourself a little more.
7. Finish your damn backlogs of readings and DVDs.
8. Reach out to people who know what they have when they have you.
9. Stop trying to change things which are made solid rock.
10. Stop aiming for “things” not meant for you.
11. Keep the positive energy all the time.

12. I pray for longer lives of my parents. May they still exist until my children were born.
13. I pray for the health of my love ones.
14. I pray for continuous blessings of necessity and needs.
15. I pray for more growth professionally.
16. I pray for greater wisdom.
17. I pray for more friends.
18. I pray for more SEO and traffic. Ha Ha Ha
19. I pray for guidance for me and people dear to me.
20. I pray for the ability to help others.
21. I pray for the capability to step one move farther.
22. I pray for the ability to regain belief in myself.

If there are cheesy thoughts, pagbigyan na, birthday ko naman eh. If its not too much to ask of you, drop some greetings please? Ha Ha Ha. To all of those celebrating their birthdays today, a shout of love for you people! To my kapwa blogerista, Ronan of Poging Payatot blogspot, happy birthday brother!


LESTER said...

para matupad ang wishes.. kelangan magpaburger man lang! haha..

LESTER said...

haburger day!

Dale Bacar said...

haberday indeed!!! have fun dude.

dazedblu* said...

gettin' oldie baby! :P pa-cheese burger ka naman.

Myk2ts said...

happy birthday!

Makoy said...

cheeseburger naman dyan! hapi bday!

georgemaldita said...

cge na,, cge na.. PAGBIGYAN!!! hehehe.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGER!!
more blogs to come.. Godbless you always.. tc.. :D

ur supporter,
-Maldita ;D

Lesfelle :') said...

Here' my first ever comment:

Happy Birthday Denis!

Stay as humble as you as to learn greater things in life...
and don't forget to share your wisdom, "cheesyness", sentiments, and thoughts...

Go blog some more!


wanderingcommuter said...

hampey bewtdey... berger! berger!!

leviuqse said...


more power dens!

gillboard said...

heypi bertday!!!

hope your wishes will be granted this year

the spool artist said...

happy birthday dude... may you live a hundred years for more great posts!

danieljr said...


infinity8 said...

Happy birthday man! And always remember that improvement or change-for-the-better can happen anytime in the year. :)

coldman said...

happy birthday!

more journeys!

RONeiluke, RN said...

happy birthday... hays... ang dami mo palang goals now that you're 22 already...

hope you accomplish them all... More birthdays to come, mate.

yoshke said...

22. I pray for the ability to regain belief in myself.

Sa lahat ng prayers mo, sana ito ang unang matupad. :)

Happy Birthday.

waforej said...

cnxa nman parekoi
late greetings n eh

pero ok lng yan

hapi beerdi parekoi

pa"JERJER" ka nman jan

salingPUSA said...

Looks like you have a very clear plan of your life ahead. Those things will serve as your guide in creating a better you so I hope you achieve most, if not all of them.

B E N C H said...

oi.. grineet din kita.. though i can't exactly remember the time.. hehe.. uhm.. pacheeseburger ka naman!!