Monday, August 11, 2008

Reality Blabbers

Here I go again with some society blabber mouth. Yes, this is happening. I am about to write a post which quite accorded to the maligned segment of our country. The segment that compose majority of the faces we see everyday. I have to say that they are the representation of what real Philippines is. I am talking about people belonging to lower class C, D and E. From my last demographics class, some people are now classified to class X. If C, D and E are people not having adequate nutrition served in their table, class X does not mind nutrition anymore. These are people more concerned to filling up their tummy and getting through a day with a meal composed of some rice and soup they begged for from some food or lunch store.

Whew! Okay I’m giving you some space to breathe and take in these hard bites or reality. The thought of knowing that I am blessed with a life that is comfortable is enough reason for me to stop whining about things that are way obsolete in importance. I am thankful. Wait, thankful is actually an understatement. I hope to stay within this comfortable zone. Have you seen that episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya last Saturday? Gina Pareno ( how to make an "enye" :> ) was again exquisite in her performance. But beyond the plot and stellar cinematography, it is the story that moved me. Man, I can’t see my mom in Gina’s character. I mean, I can’t see myself leaving her in a very compromising state. Again, thanks to the Big Guy above for putting me in the family I have right now.

On the flipside of these schools of thought, one company sure knows how to touch the lives of our economically-challenged fellow. Generics Pharmacy offers medicines which are made with good quality to ensure efficacy. The medicines are priced amazingly cheap for everyone to afford. It is BFAD accredited so we can all wiggle and be sage with the products. The company is on franchising system because they aim to cover the whole country with stores to offer cheaper but safe medicine. They are living up to their mantra – “We believe that health is not a privilege, but a basic right of every Filipino.”

Ironic may it sound but Happy Monday everyone!


leviuqse said...

happy monday too!


i like the last line, it's actually in sharing that we can eliminate poverty, kaso a lot of people tend to be too selfish these days that "wala akong pera" is everyone's usual mantra....

ka-sad, because money's not the only thing we can share

georgemaldita said...

this makes me realize more how blessed i am.. and this makes me realize too how worst is the condition of those what we called "less fortunate".. i can do nothing but thank God for everything i have..

B E N C H said...

a side story, sometimes, when i'm on the road, i see kids (young ones which you can barely see because of their height) asking for a few change. i pity them but soemtimes i choose not to give them because (1) i see their parents along the side street doing nothing while watching their kids earn for a living, if you can still call that earning, and (2) i see these kids go into addiction like rugby...

so, who's to blame?