Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Car Talk

Contrary to conventional beliefs, having a car is really a necessity. Gone are the days when only few well-moneyed people invade the roads with their private vehicles. Having a car is quite a catch because it makes an individual’s life more mobile and productive. Not to mention the convenience it can add to the daily tasks and special duties one person has to perform in a day.

But because of the many things entailed in having a car, many people tend to see it as a high-maintenance utility to have. Aside from the somewhat unpredictable fuel prices, some other things are also needed like insurance and of course the inevitable maintenance and/or upgrade duties. Just thinking about all these will make the worry levels high I know. But, we have to cling to that cliché again- with great power of owning a car, comes great responsibilities too.

Now, I won’t argue if you’ll say that purchasing a car is a decision that has to be made with full research and balancing in the budget equation. Of course, first in the list is the capability to buy. Are there enough resources to buy a vehicle? Now, after all of the balancing and logical thinking has been made; its time to see reliable suppliers of car loans. A lot of helpful websites are also designed to help new car buyers decide on the best auto loan there is, so try browsing these sites before jumping into any purchase.


georgemaldita said...

Well i can say that i work for Mazda Phils. though not directly cause Y&R Phils is the one who hired me and our account is Mazda.. ( i hope u get it.. hehe) lots of Mazda buyers are looking for cars compatible for diesel and our dealerships admitted that they are not making sales that much nowadays because of the unstoppable increase of gasoline and yeah,, high maintenance of cars but despite of all that.. i still want to have a car.. Mazda3 will do:D

B E N C H said...

well, for me there are several things to consider when buying a car:
1. price
2. fuel cost
3. maintenance cost
3. re-sale value

you need to look for a car which is not so expensive and can be fuel-efficient and at the same time the maintenance and parts costs would be cheap, and of course, the re-sale value if and when you decide to sell it.

most japanese cars (especially toyota) will probably match the categories mentioned above.

american cars like my car has high maintenance cost, isn't fuel efficient and the re-sale value is so low.. it's logical because people won't buy your 2nd hand car if they know they'll have to spend more on the parts and services to maintain it..