Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh Fashionista

Let me start by saying that:
NO, I’m no clothing guru. And
Yes, I know good fashion when I see one.
Now, this post aims to give tribute to the “ever-fascinating” and “ever-interesting” fashion sense of some of our fierce Pinoy folks.

Here now is the Top 8 current fashion trend as sported and ehem, flaunted by some people also specified below. Forgive for not showing the exact photos of these people. But I will try my best sarcastic, oh I mean graphic description to give you a clear picture.

Hereyah people!

At number 8,

the Skinny Jeans.

5 out of ten people in the mall will wear this. It’s the revenge of the 80’s. Its glorifying the Beatles again! Or is it really?

Oppz moment: Seeing a person with really, really big thighs walking with so much effort just to strut it with glory. You see, skinny jeans speak for itself. S-K-I-N-N-Y. now, do I need to elaborate more? Doy.

At number 7,

the Havaianas.

The brand went beyond being a summer fad only. Havaianas now turned flip flops to a versatile footwear.

Oppz moment: I hope you’re wearing the “real thing”. Oh well, its easy to spot a pot, I mean fake.

At number 6,

The Lacoste sandals.

A little too pricy, it commands exclusivity and supreme taste.

Oppz moment: Even construction guys are wearing these sandals. No offense to those guys of brawns and ahm more brawns? But, sir am I seeing the real thing?

At number 5,

the Scarf.

I have to admit, I own one. But I just don’t seem to get a right timing to use the scarf. Very useful, I think this can spice-up a simple and casual shirt.

Oppz moment: Scarf with green shirt, and military printed shorts or pants. Hmmm, I’m feeling nostalgic about the captivity of Ces Drilon.

At number 4,

the Bumble Bee shades.

Its rainy I know, but the sun is still shining right? So whether you’re sporting shades for protection, “porma” or to conceal a escape from bed last night, admit it some eye frames makes anyone look good.

Oppz moment: Shades which cover the entire face, all you can see is the chin. Worst? Animal printed frames! Ayayay!

At number 3,

the Blair Look.

Ohhh my Blair Bitch of GG. Heard there will be a local franchise or remake of the series, geez this is way out of hand. Oh well, even before this remake was planned some girls have already turned into Blair clones.

Oppz moment: Hmmm, clone means closely resembled right? Well then, I regret saying clone above.

At number 2,

the Burberry shorts.

Casual is very hot right? So these kinds of shorts are really on the momentum now.

Oppz moment: Some stereotypes can make patterns closely resembling that design of our gradeschool cafeteria table covers, or maybe, that favorite shirt of our uncles which their moms made way back year-infinitum. Kidding!

And At number 1,

The little brown shirt.

In the advent of Direct selling and attractive catalogues, the business of “pahulugan” items are really on the fore front!

Oppz moment: If you happen to order from these direct sellers, chances are you will see lots of people wearing same item as yours. Now, tell me how many times have you seen people wearing this little brown shirt?

Now, that wraps up my simple tribute to our fashionista comrads! If you got this stance; well live it, flaunt it and abuse it. But just please, respect some people who might get headache after seeing you. Ha Ha Ha. Loko lang.


wanderingcommuter said...

3 out of 8... GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt at hindi ko na sasabihin kung ano ang mga ito. BANG! BANG!

dazedblu* said...

Hay naku fashion is fashion.. pero sana mas nilagay mo yung stereotypes para masaya!

tht's good fer those out of style but trying-hard to be in these trends, Haha :) Bitch me.

Dale Bacar said...

I want one of them abu sayyaf scarves kaya lang dami jologs gumagamit hehe.

Abou said...

ganyan na pala ang nangyayari sa outside world. ha ha ha

infinity8 said...

The Little Brown Shirt! I think I have seen gazillions of people wearing them! 'San ba galing 'yun?!


Havaianas are like laos na.. Hehe.. I should have bought sneakers na lang.. Hehe..

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays...i lost count..sobrang mom is one of the culprit..hehehe!

RONeiluke, RN said...

i love jon's songs too...i'm just gald there's something new to add on my already boring playlist...

caryn said...

heeheehee. guilty sa bumblebee shade ;-) dito sa tokyo, usong-uso din ang summer scarf look. weird. its soooo hot outside!

georgemaldita said...

i always smile when i'm seeing a guy wearing that brown shirt.. me and my churchmates call it "T-SHIRT NG BAYAN".. yeah,, simple because it's like everyone has that,, you can see that shirt anywhere.. hehehe..

B E N C H said...

3 out of 8 for me... skinny jeans, flip flops and the lil brown shirt...

the spool artist said...

hahaha! the blair look rules! i think there should be a rule for this since just not any bitch can pull this one out with ease!