Monday, September 1, 2008

Advertising War: TV vs. PC

Looks like blogs have made it to the real mainstream. No one or nothing shall be blamed but the active lowdown of internet access power brought by the Supremes of mobile communications technology: Smart on front, Globe at the center and Sun cellular in the sidelines. Now, that were done tracing what fueled easy access to the web domain, let’s try to discern how blogs are now a hot stuff in town. My personal take on this is the fact that blogs function in a real time manner. Bloggers are like mobile journalists scattered in places where most incidents happen on an “in your face” manner. It is also likely to happen that bloggers will publish stories first before news people can. But of course, the comprehensive details of most stories are still found in Mainstream media.

My heart lighted with a tiny spark when I saw this news item saying that online advertising earned more revenues than mainstream media in UK. Certainly, broadband connection providers also took a massive price slash in their services which paved way to a great number of Briton web users. It has been found that 19% of the total advertising bulk of the whole UK communications industry goes to online media. Also extracted from Reuters research is the fact that most Britons spend four times more of their time compared to what they spend for TV. Most Britons will also see videos in Google’s Youtube for scenes they missed on TV. The use of mobile phones has also doubled in UK. Most Briton will also prefer to use VOIP internet service like Skype in calling their loved ones instead of using the landline. There are 58% of internet users now in the whole 60 million population of Britain.

Certainly, internet is simply getting more powerful as the face of technology continues to propel. This puts more challenge to people having the substantial hand in the internet. Like us bloggers, it is a challenge for us to put up better contents with quality information- Ahem, no pressure.


salingPUSA said...

The trend is in IK and in other western economies. I am saying that this is something which could not happen in the Philippines but more advertising expenses over the web rather than on tv here in the country is a long shot from now.The internet penetration in the country is not so high and I think the connections in the Philippines in terms of speed is not so good----

......things are just unstable, from connection, to number of internet subscribers. We would love to see that happen here of coarse because I have always believed that an INTERNET ECONOMY will definitely be the future trend. Just in case it happens, we will be here waiting diba? Bring it on----


true. we usually just set our Tvs to record anything that we missed.

everybody's busy working.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays.. iba na talaga ang mga trends ngayon lalo na sa communication.

@KJ: parang gusto ko ng TV niyo nakakarecord ng palabas? astig. ayan ba yung TIVO? hmmm... :)

Lance said...


SteamboatEcoBroker said...

Bloggers are changing the face of media. As you say, they work in real time and there is no censorship or corporate agenda in what people are writing.


leviuqse said...

i think it's gonna take a loooong time and rough road since less than 20% lang ng households ng pilipinas ang me internet subscription, and of course most of them are the "may-kaya" bracket

so the reach of the ad to the target consumer might be a little slim... or nothing at all, so tv is more effective as of now, since marami ang bakya crowd, couch potatoes na nakababad sa tv...

sana it'll develop pa, anyways nuffnang is now here in the philippines, what do you think of it?

Nobe said...

dear "greenfields",

amazingly, we didn't subscribe for cable service when we transferred to a new house.

my hubby and i are heavy internet users and i can't even remember the last time i turned on the TV (oh well there was that one time when we had to watch DVDs.)

i can watch everything on youtube nowadays. so why bother turning on the remote?

yours truly,


B E N C H said...

true true.. i prefer facing my laptop than the tv..

what's you tube doing anyway.. haha..