Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sen. Ping Lacson for Facial Care Center

Facial Care Center

With Sen. Ping Lacson on this ad, will you even doubt the facial center’s quality of service?

Tell me, can we blame a brand if it wishes to attach their name with the credibility of a politician?

But, tell me – can we blame people from putting up a dubious face whenever they see politicians on glossy magazine ads or on spread broadsheets?

Even news anchors are careful with product endorsements.

I see no significant deal with politicians endorsing products for as long as they only use their name to expound the product value and not their own mantra of obtaining and/or maintaining public office.
There shouldn’t be any politicking in the arena of product and/or service advertising.


bena said...

this is his preparation for 2011 presidential election.. eccckkk!


he'd only shown that he's human afterall.

theTripper said...

to each his own. people would always build impressions and sometimes these are enough to judge them. would that be a fortunate thing?

RONeiluke, RN said...

why PING???!!!


Roland said...

i hate ping lacson... i remember one of his interview with korina he stressed that he will NEVER enter politics... nung nagkagipitan na at para magkaroon siya "immunity" ayun tumakbong senador... anu na bang na-accomplish niya? ...patuloy lang siyang sakit ng ulo ng gobyerno... puro akusa pero wala naman napapatunayan.

if ever i have to choose someone to endorse my business product/s, i wud prefer credibility that popularity.