Wednesday, September 17, 2008

World Sight Day

October 9 will mark the World Sight Day. In line with this, Makati police and Eye bank foundation of the Philippines ( EBFP) partner together to cook up series of programs to celebrate the importance of sharp sight in everyday activities of us humans specially the tasks up the sleeves of those people in uniform.

With this partnership, an innovative program has been juiced up in Makati City. Just for today, traffic violators in the City will be released off the hook in the condition that they will put a check on the box situated at the back of a driver’s license which signifies their agreement to donate their eyes and other organs in case of death.

Obliviously tagged as “Ticket Mo Sagot ko, Basta I-Donate Mo Ang Mga Mata Mo” (Your ticket is on me, as long as you donate your eyes), the program aims to instill greater appreciation for the sight and concern for the fellow. Other organs will also be accepted, but EBFP jokingly said that sex organ donors are forbidden for that entails a different story.

I was laughing upon reading this news item, but hey it is really fascinating. The Makati traffic is really strict in implementing rules but there will always be tones of violators around. I think it’s quite noble to donate an organ upon death; it’s like giving longevity to the gifts given to us by the big Guy up there.
So, will you be driving around Makati today? I suggest keep your eyes wide for red lights and No U-turn slots or police will ask for your balls, Uhm Cornea I mean.


leviuqse said...

kakaiba to ah, hehe

i'd like to donate mine!

B E N C H said...

for real?? hehe.. i don't really like going to Makati.. may sariling mundo.. haha..

RONeiluke, RN said...

it's not fascinating! ITS BRILLIANT!! ingenious really... demeanor turned into something useful... :) sana malinaw ang mga mata nila para pwede i-donate.. hehehe!


thanks for commenting, mate:) alam ko mahaba na namanxa! hahaha

talaga?! ano nagreply naman ba xa? :) naalala ko may tinext din ako nung lasing ako... ayun--ngalngal xa! hahaha!

oo bitiw! hahaha! i love sponge cola :) binaboy ko nga lang! hahaha!

peace out!

Juz said...

i was shocked, slight amazed sa mga strategies nila...

i saw it in the news kanina.. like this one manong was like "ha anong ibigay mata ko? ok ka lang?" hahaha

Anonymous said...

Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with donating organs. In fact I think it's a very human thing to do (yes, human without the e). Although I haven't made the decision to donate MY organs when I die, I completely respect and idolize those who have taken the leap. The only issue I have about this whole thing is what the organ donation is to be exchanged with. Isn't it kind of extreme to swap a ticket-free drive through Makati for your organs? LOL. Just my two cents.