Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Twilight

So after me and a gazillion more danced our way into the calendar and starred November to highlight our excitement for the 6th installation of the Harry Potter series- Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince, we are now on a downer holding grip to our seatmate’s tangled hair, I mean into the threads of our patience as we all sit back and wait until July 17, 2009 which is by the way the moved date of Harry Potter 6. I would just have to accept this as a good light knowing that the last two movie franchises will soon end. So I’d say, this is the sweetest waiting agony ever. Anyways, HP 6 is directed by David Yates with Steve Kloves for the screenplay.

Now, because I always get the chills whenever I hear this trademark bed sound of Harry Potter movie, I am posting the Half-blood prince movie trailer here.

Now, to appease the somewhat dismayed crowd of HP lovers, Summit entertainment will show the Twilight movie. Many Harry Potter fans are showing high appreciation for this novel made by the genius of Stephenie Meyer. The synopsis can be canned in a very simple structure – a girl who fell in love with a vampire. But, there are more to see than this simple description so here is a swift but sweet trailer. The movie is directed by Catherine Hardwicke with Melissa Rosenberg for the screenplay.

Now, a book saved my depression from the almost blatant farewell of HP. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Percy is a son of Posiedon, the God of Sea. Unlike Harry, Percy is more active and this could be because he is a demigod. Now, like HP, this book is also on a wonderful series of titles -The Lightning Thief (2005) The Sea of Monsters (April 1, 2006) The Titan's Curse (May 1, 2007). The Battle of the Labyrinth (May 6, 2008). The Last Olympian (May 5, 2009).

These are all authored by Rick Riordan and are now available in National Bookstore. Book 5 The Last Olympian will be released May 2009.

Here are the covers of the different titles.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians


RONeiluke, RN said...

wooohaw! thanks for the info mate... sana may pero akong pambili nitong 'Percy'... since reading harry potter nahilig narin ako sa mga fantasy series tulad ng 'series of unfortunate events' :) nakita ko tong twilight sa nat'l bookstore... hehehe! im definitely watching it :)

hays... ang tagal pa ng HP pero ok na rin para hindi na maxadong matagal ang gap to HP7 part 1... thanks denis :)

peace out!

georgemaldita said...

yeah,, i'm bit sad when the first time i heard that that HP6 was moved next year.. i'm a big fan of HP series..

i just read the Twilight and New Moon and still looking for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn all over the Metro for those two but i can't find one - sold out in all the bookstores.. Hmp...

and for the PERCY... my cousin told me about it and still thinking if i will read that series..
Do you think it's worth reading denis??

Lora said...

can someone tell me where I can buy Percy book 4? Saang national po? I'm dying to read it.

I finished the first 3 books in one week.

Anonymous said...

You should all read the Percy Jack son series. Even better than twilight and Harry Potter. It knocked Harry Potter right off the New york Times Bestseller list. Now Percy Jackson is # 1. This series is more fast-paced than HP and twilight. It has surprises and twists around every corner and it has more action.

Pleeeeeeeeeease read it!!

arslan said...

You should all read this series. It's better than HP or Twilight. It knocked HP right off the New York Times Bestseller list. Now The Percy Jackson series is# 1. Percy Jackson books are more fast-paced than HP or Twilight. It has twists and surprises at every corner. Plus the Percy Jackson series has more action and it's cooler.
Pleeeeeeeeeeease Read The Percy Jackson Books!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I read the harry potter series and loved them but have not yet read twilight or any other of stephanie's books. I highly recomend reading the Olympians series! I am awaiting the May 5 release of the fifth book and am going crazy. Hope whoever reads this finds what they are looking for!

heartless09 said...

hey guys.. I'm done reading the 3rd book just now. I was like checking some updates regarding the 1st movie of Percy Jackson Series then I bump to this blog page. This series is awesome guys and I highly recommend it.

I've read a lot of series since Harry Potter and this series is as great as HP.

Anonymous said...

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Justinlin7 said...

This is a no brainer. Percy Jackson #1. It is more dramatic and cool. Also, it is easy to read. I love it and still love it

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover FTW

Toine N. said...

Percy Jackson is better than Twilight and HP because the series is ended in the best possible way. Rick Riordan is a writing genius.