Saturday, September 13, 2008

Self Love

I’ve been contemplating to write about this topic for a very long time. I know for sure that writing about this topic will definitely give definition to the aim of this blog- to articulate what is discreet. Quite a bold imposition on myself I know. But, I’m not taking this in to make myself shining. My aim is to be truthful and realistic. I am trying to show the deepest pore of every surface. Now, I am also contemplating on jazzing up the face and concept of this blog. I still want to keep the first aim and add some things that will help me widen the crunch of my every get go.

Now go back to the first sentence and head right back here. The topic I’m talking about is “self love”. Nah, I am so not talking about Narcissism. Now, too much articulation may lead to some unfavorable response to my stance so let me try to conceal some terms and words and phrases just so I can preserve my “wholesome” personality here. =) “Self love” has been prevalent among guys, but just recently girls immerged to have the same “deed” too. Taboo will dictate that this act is insane. It is not right to do self love because it basically abuses one’s respect for him/her. Plus, the fact that doing the deed needs lots of “inspiration” and this I need not expound about.

Now, self love has gone a long way from just a basic “individual activity”. We all know that the world being mobile has paved the way to online socializing. It has also paved the way to online “romance”. The advent of webcams and unlimited call services have made “self love” more interesting as what some people will claim. Not to judge or anything, but I personally find the idea lame.

Perversion or human nature- You do the math.

Do you do much self love too? No malice attached. No pun intended. (Whoa! I’m being too defensive)


B E N C H said...

i got what you mean.. hahaha.. uhm? human nature.. hahaha..

wanderingcommuter said...


i believe that its one manifestation in fulfilling one's natural drive. although its absolutely normal, one should still tend to keep it private and exclusive within his personal space.

thats all. thank you!

RONeiluke, RN said...

ahehehe... yun pala yun. medyo weird nga kung babae ang gagawa nun. hmmm...

i agree with wandering commuter. dapat private yun. hehehe!

do i really need to answer your question? hahaha!

eli said...

its a reality but must be done privately.


what did they say?

was it: "if you dont love your self then no one will" (?)

Roland said...

got the "catch" as soon as i red the first paragraph.

minsan itinanong ko yan sa kapatiran sabi nila, "kasalanan" daw yun. dahil "holy" daw ang katawan natin kaya dapat hindi daw natin ginagawa yun.

natawa lang ako. hindi na ako sumagot para hindi na humaba.

arjhay said...

Based on your writing there are people who can't understand it but many of us definitely find it poetic. Doing such thing is normal, you are just responding to your biological needs. It is not a sin as long as you are not driving yourself beyond the limit of doing it. What I mean is that you are not doing it every hour, right? You know what I mean. For health reason It must be controlled, just fulfill your desire and that's it. 99% of men based on a research are doing such thing, especially at the age of puberty and only 45% of women finds it pleasurable.