Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday And My Attitude

Last Sunday, mom and I had the chance to go to church together after weeks of my church hiatus. Oh well, it was because she spent going to church with my sister and my nephews Sean and Santino for like many weeks. So there it was, we arrived 10 minutes before the mass starts do I took time to send my special prayers for special people who need it.

Then the mass started. It was smooth until a family came with 3 “caffeine-induced like energy” kids. I swear, they were all over the place. Not to be rude or judging, but they obviously smell incredibly foul. “tumatambay sa ilong!” When I thought the agony is done, a group sat on the back area half way through within the mass- Three not so fit women chatting like they brought coffee cups and curling irons inside the church. I felt rude eavesdropping but I think it was not eavesdrop at all thinking that their mouth volumes were very symmetrical to that rate you need in public speaking in front of a gazillion deaf people. Imagine the forces of these two crowds, my mom and I were left with the choice of pretending like we understood the homily.

Sunday mass is very sacred for me. It’s the time when I try my very best to pay attention and avoid day dreaming. I dress my best and I put up my most polite manner whenever I step into the church grounds. I hope that people will do the same. Not that Im placing myself like Im the nicest Sunday school boy, all I am asking for is respect for the mass. Its enough that the Catholic religion has been thrown so many stones on the undergoing, let us try to prove it all wrong.



Carnation said...

poor you!

RONeiluke, RN said...

i go to church with my family every Sunday... whenever i miss a sunday, the rest of the week feels incomplete in a way. it had become our routine.

hindi na maiiwasan yung mga ganung eksena. hays... that just means they came to church with the wrong motive. they don't understand that there's always time for everything.

alex said...

wow it's nice to know there are still lots of people who go to church every sunday, it's so pinoy..

unfortunately for me i turn agnostic and never set foot at any church again..

keep the faith!

Dale Bacar said...

I quoted this post on my new entry, hope you don't mind. It's about the church and gay marriage. :)

Roland said...

agree ako... dapat when you hear mass, mag bihis nang maayos... nakainis yung mga naka-sleeveless mga babae... short at sando naman yung mga guyz... parang ginawang tambayan ang church.